Ask Jason — More About Head of Household; Deducting Plastic Surgery

DISCLAIMER: The answers to questions in this segment are intended to be general in nature and do NOT constitute tax advice. Please contact a tax advisor to discuss your unique situation.

All of these questions have been submitted from readers recently:

Q: Can I file as head of household on my taxes in North Carolina if my state doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage?

A: Yes. You would be considered unmarried in North Carolina and by the federal government, so could qualify for head of household on both your state and federal tax returns, if you meet the other head of household requirements. You can find more Dinesen Tax Times coverage of head of household filing status here and here.

Q: Can you deduct plastic surgery?

A: Maybe. If the plastic surgery is medically necessary, then it is deductible. If the plastic surgery is for purely cosmetic purposes, then it’s not deductible. So if you get a nose job simply because you want your nose to look better, the cost is not deductible. But if you get a nose job because of a medical problem that requires the surgery, then it is deductible.