“Consumer Reports” Highlights Identity Theft

The issue of taxpayer identity theft is highlighted in the October issue of Consumer Reports. Click here to see what they have to say. Here’s a sample:

Fraudulent tax return scams. This crime is relatively new but has jumped this year to 940,000 returns filed by identity thieves using other people’s names. How do they make money paying your taxes? They use your identity to claim a tax refund, and if you don’t have money coming to you, they lie about deductions to concoct a refund—$5 billion in ripped-off refunds this year.

The rest of the items on the page linked to above contain interesting reading about other types of scams to be watchful for.

I have another call with the IRS scheduled for mid-October to get the latest update on the identity theft case I am dealing with. I’ll have a blog post about that call after it takes place.

You can find the first installment of my series of blog posts about that case here. From there, you can find links to Parts 2 through 7.