Due Date of Iowa Partnership and Corporate Tax Returns Unchanged

Image courtesy of user Geralt on Pixabay.com

The due dates for partnership and corporate federal tax returns is changing starting with 2016 filings (so for tax season 2017),  but the due dates for the corresponding Iowa tax returns will not change.

Federal Changes for Businesses with December 31 Year Ends:

  1. For partnerships: the federal due date will change from April 15th to March 15th
  2. For C-corporations: the federal due date will change from March 15th to April 15th
  3. For S-corporations: the federal due date remains unchanged at March 15th

How This Affects Iowa Filings

The Iowa filing deadlines remain unchanged. The due date for ALL entity tax returns with December 31 year ends remains April 30th, same as it’s always been.

Further Reading

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For more info about Iowa due dates for business entities, check out this bulletin from the Iowa Department of Revenue.