Iowa Tax Filing Deadline is October 31: Claim Your $54 Credit Before Then

iowa-43743_1280The extended deadline for filing Iowa income tax returns is October 31. This year’s deadline has some added meaning, because it’s also the deadline for claiming the $54 Iowa Taxpayers Trust Fund Credit.

The credit is $54 per primary taxpayer. So a single person gets $54, and a married couple is allocated $108 total. I outlined details of the credit in a blog post in February, which you can find here.

Unlike most tax credits, which can typically be claimed whenever you file your tax return (even if it’s filed late), the Iowa Taxpayers Trust Fund Credit for 2013 tax returns can only be claimed on a 2013 tax return filed by the extended due date.

So if you haven’t filed your Iowa tax return yet, make sure to do so before October 31, or you’ll miss out on your $54 credit.

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