My Tax Reform Wish List: Instantaneous Audits

First of all if one were to really dig into ways to reform the tax system in this country, there are MANY things one could come up with. This particular wish of mine is 1) not the most important reform, and 2) not realistic anyway. It’s simply something I felt like writing about.

I perfectionist in a field where perfection is not possible. When I say there are corporations where the “books” are handwritten notes scrawled on scratch paper … that is not a joke. Business returns in general are mainly “let’s try to get it close.”

This is a big reason why I am so grumpy all the time and why the posts on this blog seem so cynical almost 100% of the time.

And so one of my wishes is this: when a person files a tax return, the IRS immediately scans it and if they’re going to question something, they question it right away. No more neurotic waiting, wondering when the big “gotcha” is going to come from the IRS on something you filed two years ago. Just question it now and let’s get on with it.

Not very realistic (probably not possible for this to ever happen) but this one change would put my mind at ease.