Most-Popular Blog Posts of 2013

Here’s a rundown of the top-5 most-popular stories on this blog in 2013:

#5: New Preparer Requirements on Earned Income Credit = Higher Fees for Clients

The IRS has implemented ridiculous new requirements on preparers for enforcement of the Earned Income Credit, which basically require preparers to serve the role of auditor. This means that folks who qualify for the EIC will be paying higher fees for tax preparation with most preparers.

#4: Home Offices, Principal Place of Business and Mileage Deductions

This story from January of 2011 continues to have traction nearly 3 years later, coming in at a solid #4 on the list of most-popular stories in 2013.

#3: What to Do with that 1099-K

This is a story I wish would go away! In early 2012 I did a few little posts about Form 1099-K and suddenly people came out of the woodwork with 1099-K questions. It was #4 on the list of top stories of 2012.

#2: Take the Money and Run? The Tax Consequences of Winning a Home in a Giveaway, Part 2

This post was #5 on last year’s list, and it was even more popular this year. It’s now almost two years old (originally published January 3, 2012) but it gets many hits even now.

#1: Is Section 179 for 2012 $125,000 or $139,000?

For the second-consecutive year, this post, from January 18, 2012, was the runaway winner of most-popular post on this blog. Indeed, this post received nearly THREE TIMES as many hits as the #2 story did.

The story is now obsolete because the “fiscal cliff” deal in early January 2013 set the 2012 Section 179 limit at $500,000. But that hasn’t stopped it from getting viewed, multiple times, every single day, even now, long past the filing deadline for 2012 tax returns.