Ask Jason 2/17/12

Q: What is the IRS definition of breastfeeding supplies?

A: IRS Notice 2011-14 states “expenses paid for breast pumps and supplies that assist lactation are deductible medical expenses” and are eligible for reimbursement through HSAs. So basically, anything you purchase for breastfeeding would qualify.

Q: Do i have to file taxes after 72 years old?

A: This question has not been asked by any one person, but I have seen people led to this site several times over the last six weeks by Google after entering in this question as a search query. The answer is — yes, if your income exceeds certain levels, as detailed here and here.

Q: Can you deduct school camp fees?

A: There is no “deduction” available, but expenses for day camps might qualify as daycare expenses for purposes of the Child and Dependent Care Credit. See this article for more information.

Q: Is Social Security taxable in Georgia?

A: I don’t have experience with Georgia taxes, but based on what I see on the Georgia Department of Revenue’s website, the starting point for Georgia taxes is your federal Adjusted Gross Income. So if Social Security is taxable on your federal return, it would be included in federal AGI and would thus be part of the starting point for Georgia taxes. But it also looks like Georgia has an exclusion for retirement income available to most taxpayers, so even if you have taxable Social Security benefits on your federal return, you might qualify for an exclusion on your Georgia return. I would recommend talking to a tax advisor with experience in Georgia taxes for further advice.

The answers provided in this segment are intended to be general in nature and do not constitute tax advice. Please pay a tax advisor to advise you about your unique situation before making any financial decisions.

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