Regional Tax News

Some regional tax news from the National Association of Enrolled Agents:

Kansas Revenues $47 Million More in May than Anticipated
On May 31, the Kansas Department of Revenue announced the state collected $445.3 million in revenue in May, exceeding estimates by $47 million, or 11.8 percent. The total puts revenue to date for fiscal year 2011 at $631 million higher than the same time last year, a 14.4 percent increase.
Nebraska Law Goes After Tax Scofflaws
On May 26, Nebraska Governor signed into law L.642, which provides that the NE Department of Revenue may contract to procure products and services to develop, deploy, or administer systems or programs that identify nonfilers of returns, underreporters, or nonpayers of taxes administered by the Department. Ten percent of all proceeds received during each calendar year due to the contracts entered into pursuant to the bill’s enactment will be deposited in the Department of Revenue Enforcement Fund for the purpose of identifying noncompliant taxpayers. The Tax Commissioner shall report annually to the Revenue and Appropriations Committees of the Legislature on the amount of dollars generated during the previous fiscal year pursuant to the enactment of the new law.