Regional Tax News: Illinois and Wisconsin

Some tax-related news from Illinois and Wisconsin, via the National Association of Enrolled Agents:

Illinois House Adopts Resolution Urging Congress to Oppose Value-Added Tax (VAT)
On May 31, the Illinois House adopted H.R. 71, which urges Congress to oppose the passage of any VAT. The resolution states that a VAT is a hidden tax that is ultimately passed along to consumers, but is embedded into the price of goods and services and therefore not transparent to the consumer. Additionally, the resolution asserts a VAT would do nothing to restore fiscal accountability in Washington, but would simply bankroll wasteful and inefficient federal government spending.

Some Wisconsin Residents Should Double-Check Their Bank Accounts
On June 7, The Wisconsin Department of Revenue reversed automatic payment withdrawals for 5,154 taxpayers with installment agreements who had a duplicate payment withdrawn from their account in error. In its press release, the Department announced that it is sending a letter to the affected customers.