Ridiculous IRS Situations I’ve Recently Dealt With

lion-159448Here are just a few of the more ridiculous things I’ve dealt with involving the IRS over the last few months.

Will Our Refund Ever Come?

A client in a same-gender marriage filed an amended tax return in October 2013. They’re still waiting on their refund.

The IRS had a question about something on the return, which we answered months ago. Since July, the client has periodically gotten letters stating that the IRS needs “45 more days” to review their information.

I’ve tried calling. I’ve written letters. Nothing helps.

My understanding is that the IRS Taxpayer Advocate will only take things like this on if the client is suffering from a financial hardship by not receiving the refund (and they explained that “financial hardship” means the client is, for example, on the verge of being foreclosed on for not paying the mortgage).

My client is not in desperate financial straits … they just want this amended return processed. It’s been 15 months now.

But the client waits and waits.

We Need 45 Days, And We’ll Send Letters With Odd Dates on Them

A client filed an amended tax return in August 2014. In the fall, they got a letter saying the IRS needed “45 more days.”

Of course!

The issue was resolved in December, which is great. But even that was weird.

On December 21, the client got a letter in the mail – the letter was dated December 29.

The December 29th letter (received December 21st) said the client’s refund would be coming in the next two weeks.

A few days after the 21st, the client got their refund.

IRS Seemingly Loses $4,000 Check

A client filed their 2013 tax return in June 2014 and paid more than $4,000 in taxes owed. A few weeks later, the IRS sent the client a collection letter saying that the client owes more than $4,000 and containing the usual threats.

I wrote a letter to the IRS, including the check number and the date the IRS cashed the check, and telling the IRS to cease and desist with the collection attempts and instead review their records to find out what happened to the check.

The client got several “we need 45 more days” letters.

Finally a few weeks ago, the IRS sent a letter saying they found the payment, it had accidentally been misapplied in their system, and apologizing for any inconvenience.