Same-Sex Marriage News

For my same-sex clients and anyone else interested in the issues, here is an update on DOMA challenges and gay marriage news.  This is all from the Wall Street Journal (link is at the end of this article).

  • California passed a law last week that will allow gay married couples from other states to get divorces there.
  • In North Carolina, a two-week protest over that state’s ban on gay marriage came to an end.
  • There have also been court cases on a variety of same-sex marriage topics in the following states:  Arizona, California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island and Washington.  (The WSJ article contains links that give more info about each of the cases in these states.)

The Journal also reports on the following:

Perhaps most significantly, the legal fight over same-sex marriage may have found a new forum. The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims could hear a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act for the first time, as a disabled Navy veteran claims the government denied benefits to her because she is married to a woman, NYT reports.

The Veterans Legal Services Clinic at Yale Law School intends to file an appeal on behalf of Carmen Cardona that claims the VA denied her and her wife spousal disability benefits,according to The Connecticut Post. The Clinic said the couple’s benefits were denied under a VA statute that, like the Defense of Marriage Act, prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

Full WSJ article.