Should a Small Tax Firm (Or Any Small Business) Pretend to Be Bigger than They Are?

In this article, the author, an entrepreneur, encourages small businesses to look bigger than they really are. I agree with some of the ideas (niche marketing, professional-looking website and using a mailing address that is not your home address even if you’re home-based). And I’m skeptical of other ideas (pretending to have multiple physical locations).

My business is still relatively small, and I am based out of a home office, so this is actually a topic I think about a lot. My thought is: I don’t think niche marketing, a professional-looking website and a professional mailing address is really “pretending” to be bigger than you really are. It’s called being professional.

Pretending to be bigger than you really are would be, to use me as an example: me telling a large corporation “Sure, I can handle the payroll for your 200-employee operation, and yes, I can maintain your MAS-90 internal accounting software and prepare your complex GAAP-based financial statements. No problem!”

In other words, I don’t want to pretend to be bigger than I really am. But I do want to be professional.

Look, I am home-based. I am still a small-time operator in the grand scheme of things compared to a lot of other firms. But it’s vital that I not give off a”home-based, small-time operator” vibe. I do that by acting professional in everything I do, not by pretending to be something I’m not.

(Hat tip to Dawn Mentzer at the Insatiable Solopreneur blog for tipping me off to this article.)