So Jason … How’s that Guidebook About Same-Sex Marriage and Taxes Coming?

Earlier this year, I proclaimed that I was going to write a desk reference guide for accountants about same-sex marriage and taxes.

Sadly, the summer didn’t go as planned in regards to being able to find time to write. I have NOT shelved the guidebook project. Indeed, I have one entire chapter written, and parts of several other chapters written. The problem is, the outline I created shows a need for approximately 20 chapters! So there’s a long way to go.

I know what I want to say and I know the material, but the process of pulling references is time consuming. I want this to be something an accountant can keep on his or her desk (or as a pdf on his or her computer) and turn to as an authoritative source in preparing tax returns for same-sex married couples.

When accountants have questions about taxes and same-sex married couples, I want them to immediately think “ooohhh, I’ll turn to the Dinesen reference guide.”

As such, I want footnotes and cross-references, with a professional look and layout. Those things take time.

Apparently I’m not the only one who has encountered the “time” hurdle in writing a guidebook. I was recently talking to an attorney who said he had always wanted to write a desk reference guide in his area of specialty but the process of outlining and pulling reference materials always had to come second to billable work, and so the guidebook always got pushed aside.

But again, the project is still on my list, and I am plugging away at it.