Some Taxpayers Still Waiting for Refunds

Some taxpayers who filed returns claiming the first-time homebuyer credit are still waiting for their refunds, months after their returns were filed.  From the New York Times:

Brandon, a 30-year-old information technology specialist — he asked that his last name not be used, for privacy reasons — said he and his wife, who are expecting their first child, are still waiting for their refund of nearly $10,000, almost five months after they filed their return. He contacted me out of frustration, saying that his accountant has verified that all forms were filed correctly and that the I.R.S. has said there is no other problem with the couple’s return. But at least eight estimated payment dates provided by the agency have come and gone, with no refund in sight.

“It has been an absolute nightmare,” he said in a phone interview.  “This is ridiculous.” He contacted the agency’s Taxpayer Advocate Service,  but said that hasn’t helped get the issue resolved.

You can read the full Times article here.