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Iowa Charitable “Checkoffs”

Something that a lot of taxpayers (and tax preparers — including me) in Iowa often overlook is the “charitable checkoffs” a taxpayer can make on their Iowa tax return. Taxpayers can choose to donate money on their Iowa return to these causes: Fish and Wildlife: donations made here go towards Iowa’s Wildlife Diversity Program, which […]

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Married Filing Separately, Iowa Tax Returns & Itemized Deductions — Am I Missing Something?

The filing status of “married filing separately” works differently in Iowa than it does on federal returns. But one thing that’s got me confused: how tax software handles Iowa itemized deductions when a couple files separate federal returns. Lost yet? (Welcome to Iowa taxes!) Background Iowa has just one tax bracket, regardless of filing status, […]

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Tax Court: Adjunct Prof is Employee, Can’t Take Business Deductions for Expenses

For my professor clients, there was a Tax Court case this week involving an adjunct who tried deducting his teaching expenses as business deductions.  The IRS disagreed.  From the TaxProf Blog: The Tax Court decided yesterday that an adjunct professor (who was paid $20,000) was an employee of Nova Southeastern University. As a result, he could […]

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