The Psychology of Tax Procrastination

The deadline for filing 2010 tax returns is one week from today.  Kay Bell examines why people wait til the last minute to file:

Arthur J. Bangs, a licensed psychologist and professor of education at La Salle University in Philadelphia, teaches workshops to help people overcome procrastination. Over the years, he’s noted some trends.

“Some feel it’s safer to do nothing,” says Bangs. They think they can avoid making mistakes by putting off the task.

Others procrastinate when facing a job they’re unsure of how to perform, says Bangs. The end result is that complicated chores are pushed back in favor of easier ones.

Then there are perfectionists who put off doing things because they fear they won’t do it well enough, as well as the rebels who don’t want to follow someone else’s rules.

And, of course, there’s the excuse of, “I work better under pressure,” so these people put off things until the very last minute.

You can find the full article here.