Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

Image courtesy of user gr8effect on
Image courtesy of user gr8effect on

Here’s a look back at the top-5 blog posts, based on page views, on my blog in 2015.

This year’s most-popular posts were mostly the same as last year:

#5: Having a Side Business in Multi-Level Marketing Doesn’t Make Personal Expenses Deductible

This post came it at #5 last year as well. It’s one of my personal favorites.

#4: Home Office, Principle Place of Business, And Mileage Deductions

This post was #3 last year. It was written July 30, 2011, and has been an enduring fixture that people keep coming back to.

#3: Issuing 1099s to an Incorporated Veterinarian

This post was #4 last year, and was popular again in 2015. The IRS issued guidance in late 2013 that said businesses must issue 1099s to veterinarians, even if the vet is incorporated.

#2: Take the Money and Run? The Tax Consequences of Winning a Home in a Giveaway, Part 2

This post was #2 last year as well, and it was the second-most-viewed post on this site again in 2015. It remains strong nearly 4 years after it was written.

#1: Insolvency and Canceled Debt: Make Sure You Can Prove It!

This was the #1 post of 2014, and this was by far the #1 post of 2015 as well. This post received ten-times more views than the #2 story in 2015.