Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

Time once again to recap the 5 most-popular blog posts on my website for 2018.

#5: Do I Have to File a Tax Return After I Turn 72?

(Last year: #2)

An enduring favorite, first published nearly 7 years ago, about a myth that circulates around the internet that once you reach a magic age (most often “72” it seems), you don’t need to file a tax return anymore.

#4: Why is Self-Employment Tax Based on 92.35% of Self-Employment Income?

(Last year: also #4)

This is a post I keep saying I’m going to revisit someday to see if I can answer the question in a clearer way.

#3: When Are Purchases Made With a Credit Card Deductible?

(Last year: #5)

This one moves up to #3 in 2018; the short answer to the question posed in the title is: deductible when charged to the card, regardless of when the credit card bill is actually paid.

#2: S-Corporations and Charitable Contributions: A Brief Overview

(Lat year: not ranked)

A newcomer to the list, this one from late 2016 shot up to #2 on the most-viewed list for 2018.

#1: Insolvency and Canceled Debt: Make Sure You Can Prove It!

(Last year: also #1)

This is the 5th-straight year this post has been #1, and as usual it is a runaway; this post received three-times as many views as the #2 story. I keep thinking some other post will knock this one off its pedestal, but it’s now at 5 years at #1 and no end in sight.