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Gay Marriage: Taxation of Social Security Payments in Community Property States

The tax rules for married gay couples living in community property states, such as California, are complicated.  At the federal level, married gay couples must split their income and deductions 50/50 on their separate federal returns.  (Remember, married gay couples can’t file joint returns; the only allowable filing statuses are single or head of household.) […]

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IRS Apoligizes to Same-Sex Couples in California

The IRS has issued a public apology to same-sex couples in California who have had tax returns rejected.  A year ago, the IRS ruled that same-sex married couples and “registered domestic parners” in California can now apply “community property” rules when filing their federal tax returns.  But dozens of same-sex taxpayers in California have had […]

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Tax Headaches for Same-Sex Couples in California, Nevada and Washington

The New York Times has a good article about the tax headaches faced by same-sex married couples in California, Nevada and Washington, where special “community property rules” apply.  An IRS ruling in 2010 allows same-sex married couples in those states to calculate their federal taxes in the same was as opposite-sex couples.  Most people considered […]

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