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I admit to being a bit of a tax nerd. I love helping people alleviate their fear of – and frustration with – taxes. I started my firm as a side business with 3 clients while working a day job in a “cubicle farm” in West Des Moines. The “side business” quickly became something much more than that, and by August of 2011, I had left the cubicle behind and took my own business full-time. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of growing my business….

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The 10% Penalty on Withdrawals from Retirement Accounts

Money you hold in a retirement account may be subject to a 10% penalty if you touch the money before you turn age 59 ½. Sometimes, though, you can withdraw the money and avoid the penalty.

Because nothing with taxes is ever easy, the rules are sometimes the same and sometimes different, depending on if the …

How to Fix Roth IRA Over-Deposits

In a prior post, we covered over-contributions into a Roth IRA. Now, let’s look at what the fixes are. 

Fix 1: Withdraw the Over-Contribution

This is the fix I see most often, and is usually the best fix. If you catch the over-contribution before you file your tax return, you simply withdraw the over-contribution and it’s …