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New York Sees Economic Benefits from Gay Marriage

Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that New York may see hundreds of millions of dollars in extra revenue thanks to the legalization of gay marriage there.  From the Bloomberg article: New York may reap $310 million over the next three years from license fees, taxes, and tourism related to same-sex weddings, according to a May report by […]

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Comparing the Tax Situations of Iowa and New York Same-Sex Married Couples

This is a tag-along article to this Dinesen Tax Times story about New York issuing guidance to same-sex married couples in that state.  A website visitor asks how New York’s guidance compares to Iowa. The tax situation of same-sex married couples in New York will be similar to that of Iowans.  They’ll have two filing […]

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New York Issues Tax Guidance to Same-Sex Married Couples

The New York Department of Revenue has issued guidance for same-sex married couples on how to file state tax returns now that same-sex marriage is legal in the state.  The Department says taxpayers in same-sex marriages must file as married on their New York state income tax returns.  From the Department’s news release: Same-sex married […]

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