Tax Season Tunes

Gordon Lightfoot has been keeping me company this tax season. I have 102 of his songs loaded into my “Google Play” music player. Lately he’s all I’ve been listening to while working. I put it on random and just let Gordon sing away.

He’s coming to Cedar Rapids on the 20th and I’d really like to go, but alas, my wife is out of town to a conference that weekend and I’ll be home with the kids. So I have to be content with Gordon Lightfoot on my computer.

Here’s a sampling of other tunes I listen to while working when not getting my Gordon Lightfoot fix:

  • Neil Diamond. Generally not his “famous” songs. I detest — and I mean absolutely revile — “Sweet Caroline,” for example. The original recording is okay, but he’s turned it into a hokey, over-the-top, karaoke show-tune over the last few decades. Blech. I like the more introspective songs like “Shilo,” “If You Know What I Mean,” “Stones,” pretty much anything from his relatively new “12 Songs” and “Home Before Dark” albums,  and a host of other Neil Diamond songs that most people have probably never heard of.
  • An mix of songs that include Billy Joel, pop rock from the 60s and early 70s, Elvis, Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty, AC/DC, Juanes, Bon Jovi, CCR, Johnny Cash and Jimmy Buffett.

If I’m tired of listening to Gordon Lightfoot or Neil Diamond, I just hit “random” on all songs and see what comes up.